Tell The Wolves I'm home

Tell The Wolves I'm home
Carol Rifka Brunt

An emotionally and striking novel by Carol Rifka Brunt who portrays rivalry and compassion, jealousy and acceptance, lost and found and how the love brought us back home again. This tale is about a young girl named June Elbus who discovered that her favorite uncle and godfather, Finn, who is a well known artist is dying of AIDS. Before his death came,he decided to paints a portrait of June and her sister Greta which he entitled ‘Tell The Wolves I’m Home’ thinking that this will make the siblings treats each others the way they used to be on their younger years. On her uncle’s death, June felt like miserable and alone in he middle of nowhere until she met Toby-her uncle’s boyfriend, a person whom they should be avoided according to her mother because he is the reason for her uncle’s death. Her mother’s warning doesn’t stop June from seeing Toby because for her, it’s like being with her Uncle Finn again. They became very good friends and she discovered a lot of good things about Toby. They secretly see each other once a week until her sister Greta found out her secret. At the end, this family will reveal all- their insecurities, resentment, fears, agony on their loss and eventually their wishes for their family to stick together and hold each others arms in this difficult time of their lives. A heartbreaking but inspirational story!

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