The Perfume Garden

The Perfume Garden
Kate Lord Brown

This book is a reminder of a piece of history that until 2007 was under a national pact of forgetting. In modern day Emma finds herself pregnant and alone. She decides to go to Spain and start a new life , to a house her mother bought just before her death. Strangely, her grandmother Freya and her great Uncle Charles seem reluctant to encourage her to go to a land where Emma knows they spent a great deal of their youth. The novel takes us back in time to the Civil War in Spain from 1936 to 1939 . Freya knows that the story Emma is likely to discover from the past will threaten  the secret life she has lived, and uncover truths that should have been revealed years before. The war cost the lives of half a million people and another half a million fled the country as refugees. Many women fought in the war as this story reveals.Many children were sent abroad. 60,000 volunteers from over 50 countries joined the fight. Freya and Charles among them. 

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