The Gracekeepers

The Gracekeepers
Kristy Logan

In a not so distant future, the seas have risen and cities and countries lie deep under water. A few islands and archipelagos remain. North lives with her bear and other ‘Damplings’ on a circus boat called the Excalibur.  They sail from port to port, hoping to entertain the ‘landlockers’ enough that they will be fed for their performances.  Hunger, desperation, and greed are the currency of the circus boat, and North has recently caught the wrath of the Ringleader’s pregnant and jealous wife, Avalon. Callanish Sand is a young girl when the circus visits her island. She is haunted by the memory of a young girl like herself, dancing with a bear on the stage, moments after an act ends in tragedy. Years later, Callanish has been exiled to the Doldrums, a part of the ocean along the equator that is used as a Graceyard, a place for Damplings to rest their dead. As a gracekeeper, she tends to the bodies and places the graces on the ocean to mark each loss. This breathtaking story blends sea lore, love, sorrow and forgiveness against the movements of the sea. 

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