The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle

The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle
Kirsty Wark

This is a wonderful summer read.

Martha is struggling with the knowledge that her mother has Alzheimer's. The arrangements of her mother's care fall on her shoulders just as a long term relationship comes to an end. As she goes through her mother's things she finds a letter from a lawyer. It is a complete surprise that her mother has been left a house by a complete stranger. It seems that Elizabeth Pringle had been approached many years before by her mother, asking if she ever were to sell the house could she contact her. At the time Martha was a baby . Her mother had walked her in a pram past Holmlea daily when on holiday. Unkown to the mother and daughter, Elizabeth had watched them pass. Martha makes the descision to accept Holmlea on behalf of her mother and in doing so uncovers a secret that those who knew Elizabeth Pringle would never have dreamed possible.

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