The Alphabet House

The Alphabet House
Jussi Adler - Olsen

The Alphabet House
Jussi Adler-Olsen
This is a stand alone historical thriller, from the Danish master of crime fiction responsible for the hugely successful Department Q series.
Best friends and Royal Air Force co pilots Brian and James are shot down whilst on a reconnaissance mission over Nazi territory. With a German search party quickly closing in they make swift and brutal choices in order to survive.
They join a German hospital train, quickly despatching two German patients and assuming their identity. They plan to feign illness until they can be liberated. 
They are taken to The Alphabet House, a hellish hospital where brutal shock treatments and experimental drugs are administered to patients suffering from the mental trauma of war. Their survival depends on their ability to suppress all communication. Any sign of familiarity between the two friends or any cry of pain in English and the two will be executed.
Desperate as their situation is, things become unbearable when other patients begin to suspect that two of their senior SS officers are faking illness. Escape becomes imperative.

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